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Internet Marketing Singapore

Internet marketing or online marketing, has been steadily gaining traction in Singapore in over the years. With an ever increasing number of products and services now available on the world wide web, many Singaporeans are now sourcing online for things that they need.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for both businesses and individuals alike. Businesses can profit from having a strong online presences and individuals, like us, can easily leverage on the internet to make money online, even while in the comfort of our own home.


Anyone Can Make Money from the Internet Marketing

Why? Because many businesses in Singapore are always hungry for new customers. Hence, if you are able to find these customers online and channel them to business owners who are willing to pay for them, you can easily make money. Best of all, these skills are easy to learn; they are regularly taught at the Real Internet Secrets Plus course, a program designed by local internet guru Fabian Lim and conducted by his protégé, Andrew Koh.


What’s Included in Real Internet Secrets (RIS) Plus?

Designed for the complete beginner, this program touches on everything you need to know to succeed in internet marketing. It takes you all the way from market research to monetization. In RIS Plus, the trainer leaves no stone unturned in teaching you the secrets to succeed on the internet.

This course is much more than just about Internet marketing.

It’s structured, detailed, and practical. And it presents a business system. As a new learner, you can use this system and run an actual business (much like how any franchisee would). What I truly like about Andrew is his willingness to share his trade secrets and real life experience throughout his training – which I’m certain I won’t get anywhere else.
This course is excellent value for money. I’ve definitely gained a great deal out of my time spent here. Thanks lots for the knowledge.
Kirby Poh

Market Research

Not all businesses are profitable. Choose a wrong business niche and you will just end up wasting your time. Hence at RIS Plus, the students are armed with the ability to sniff out profitable niches which they can then cash in to make money online.

Website Creation

To market successfully, you will need a website. But even if you do not know how to create one, fear not. At RIS Plus, you will be guided toward building your first website, one that’s built on WordPress and yet easily customizable. And if are not yet ready for RIS plus but you would like to begin by learning only WordPress website creation, we recommend this WordPress Training course by Awesome Sites.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To successfully make money, you will need targeted internet traffic i.e. wallet ready customers visiting your website. Students are taught to acquire these customers through applying SEO techniques on their website to make them rank high on Google and other search engines.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is another place where you can easily find customers. Hence an internet marketing course is never complete if Facebook marketing is missing from the syllabus. RIS Plus’s classroom digital style training is thus the easiest and most cost effective way to learn Facebook marketing.

Website Monetization

Once you have a website in a profitable niche, with lots of visits from wallet ready customers, you will need to monetize the website (i.e. leverage on it to make money). Monetization skills are just as, if not more important than SEO skills. At RIS Plus, participants will be taught the most profitable business and monetization models available today. Many of these models are secrets only the students know.

Complete Business System

As can be seen, RIS Plus is not just any average internet marketing course. Instead, it is a business system complete with everything that you need to know to make good money online. It teaches you internet marketing including keyword research, SEO, Facebook marketing and website creation. More importantly, it teaches you to work smart, capitalizing on proven internet strategies that will give you the edge when it comes to online marketing. That’s why RIS Plus by far is Singapore’s longest running and most successful Internet Marketing Course!


Singapore’s Most Successful Internet Marketing Program

Anyone can claim to be an internet guru. But few will have the success story or track record to prove it. And that’s where RIS Plus stands out; a look at the many internet marketing students’ testimonials they have says it all.

How Internet Marketing Changed Her Life

Shaneez was a former Singapore Airlines Stewardess turned Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur; this is her testimonial…

Why Enroll Through Us?

Only because at The Winning Circle, we pride ourselves for being honest. In our quest to be the Internet marketing platform more Singaporeans trust, we will never engage in any activity that will harm our brand or reputation, including endorsing internet marketing courses or products just because we are paid a fat commission. Our endorsement of RIS Plus is thus purely based on the track record of the program plus that fact that we are ourselves graduate students who have benefited tremendously from the program.

There is a very sincere imparting of how to make money through the Internet, especially through niche market research and then doing SEO for the site. I’m taught from start to finish exactly how to make good money from Internet marketing, from outsourcing if needed.

Derrick Wong

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